NAAMITA is an ethical brand based on creativity, authenticity,  community and fairness. It was established to provide a route to market for artisan farmers in the Bolgatanga area of Ghana; makers of the famous BOLGA BASKETS. The mostly women weavers of Bolga are highly skilled artisans who have perfected the craft of basket weaving which has been passed on from generation to generation.


Bolgatanga is a town in the Upper Eastern part of Northern Ghana. It is known as the crafts centre of the North, with traditional villages dotting its landscape. Using nature as a muse, the local artisans handcraft unique, beautiful and colourful pieces with Veta Vera grass and natural based dyes, which results in spectacular accents for your home and living spaces.

We work directly with the artisans to ensure that each piece is uniquely made; that is why no two NAAMITA products are identical.  This also means the artisans don't have to travel several miles on foot to sell their products in the main market where they have to haggle with middlemen over prices. The artisans set their own prices for each product. 

Purchasing a NAAMITA basket directly empowers our makers to be economically independent, allows them to afford better healthcare, put their children through school, set up  micro enterprises to train other women in income generating skills.

Each basket takes between 3 - 7 days to make depending on the complexity, and the entire process is made by hand.


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