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So you’ve got yourself the much-talked-about Basket Bag and wondering what else you can use it for apart from the obvious - taking it to the beach?

Well I’ve got good news for you. Baskets bags are no longer just for the beach, they have steadily grown to become one of the most versatile and multi-functional accessory we have at the moment, or have they always been, and perhaps we are now just catching on to it? Either way, I have put together 4 Different Uses for your Basket Bag, that will make  you love this coveted arm candy even more.

1. Home Organiser: One of the best things about the Basket Bag is it is big on size. It is roomy enough to take your throws and mermaid blankets neatly stored away, leaving your sofa or floor clutter free. Alternatively,

naamita basket bag for home storageroll up your bath towels and toiletries into your Basket Bag to give your bathroom that modern chic look. When not sure where to keep the kids’ toys, pack them all into your Basket Bag and place in the corner.


2. In-the-city-arm-candy:  There’s no one, that a straw bag doesn’t look good on. You can pair it with literally anything, and they now come in enough variations to render them office-appropriate. Whatever your style, you’re bound to feel at home with your Basket Bag on your arm wherever you are about the city.

3. Market/Grocery: If you’ve been thinking how to switch from the usual plastic bags you use for your market and grocery shopping, you don’t have an excuse anymore. The Basket Bag’s round and sturdy base with its spacious body will definitely fit all your weekly shopping. Take it along to your farmers market, there’s no better way to carry your fresh produce.

naamita basket bag used as a flower pot

4. Flower pot: This is my personal favourite, what do you do when you receive a large bouquet of flowers that overwhelm every vase you have? Easy: pop it into a container and sit it pretty in your Basket Bag. You  can’t go wrong with this one, not only will you provide a sturdy holder for your flowers, but you also get to showcase your basket bag in your home (or office0 when you’re not carrying it about.

How else do you use your straw basket bag, share your tips with us.


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  • Mercedes

    Well, most times I have about three or four throws laid out on my couch, which is quite a bit. So, the straw basket will be perfect to store them in, and switch them as I want.

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